The BridgeCommuity program is heavily front-loaded with educational workshops for both our startup and corporate participants to learn best practices for building relationships with each other over the duration of the program.

Our storytelling workshop, led by Marcie Anthone of Marcie L Anthone & Associates and Stephen Walker of Headmint, takes each of our 22 cohort startups through a one-on-one coaching session to hone their messaging when communicating with a corporate audience. This exercise helps startups to better understand their brand and how it might be helpful to prospective corporations and culminates in a developed brand logline (an elevator pitch) so that the startup can speak succinctly about their brand.

The process kicks off with Marcie and Stephen interviewing the BridgeCommunity’s seven corporate partners to find out how each is hoping to drive specific startup relationships forward. The dynamic duo then meets with the startups individually for a one-day intensive workshop to help them customize their messaging for these interested corporate partners.

The startup workshop content is rich and dense, yet beautifully digestible. The results of the workshop are revamped taglines, pitch decks, and in-person elevator pitches – with 22 startups poised to discuss their offerings with eager corporations.

Pratter, one of our 2017 startup cohort companies, had an especially enlightening experience in the workshop:

By rearranging a few simple words, we created a better slogan. Pratter does save  consumers money on medical care but “Transparently Saving Healthcare” means so much more. We are now stepping in almost like a superhero to rescue employee consumers from the rigged system. We just happen to do it with medical cost transparency. Also, the larger the villain, the better the superhero. Instead of selecting the hospitals or the health insurance companies or the government as the villain – it’s all of them! The system is rigged to make us purchase medical care blindly and be ripped off. By making “the system” the villain, we have created Pratter as the easy-to-cheer-for superhero. –Bill Hennessey MD, CEO, Pratter