The Bridge Community is now Futureproof

This year we significantly increased our startup recruitment outreach efforts – resulting in triple the number of applications and double the number of participating startups compared to last year. A big welcome to both our two new enterprise members, Suntrust Banks and Porsche North America, and the 22 startups chosen for the 2017 BridgeCommunity cohort!

With a commitment to put Atlanta on the map as a fertile location for innovation, we focused on cultivating local startups and also drawing national and international startups into the program and the city. In addition, we’ve cooked up a digestible and actionable educational curriculum for both startups and enterprises that will significantly streamline how each approaches commercialization, even beyond the confines of the program.

Starting this month, 22 startups will gain access to a heavy-hitting list of corporations – Capgemini, Coca-Cola, COX Enterprises, InterContinental Hotels Group, Porsche North America, SunTrust Bank, and The Weather Company – motivated to build relationships during the six-month program based in Atlanta.

This year’s all-star startup line-up includes

accessnow (Atlanta, GA) – The premier Privileged Access Management (PAM) app for the Salesforce platform, enabling governance, compliance and agility.CinaMaker (Atlanta, GA) – A multi-camera HD live streaming and recording made easy. Make your videos more interesting and professional w/4 camera angles.Convergent (Alpharetta, GA) – Convergent’s Onto™ Integration Fabric helps you imagine and test new customer data use cases in the cloud in days, not months or years.

Cybraics (Atlanta, GA) – Cybraics is an advanced analytics and artificial intelligence company, focused on solving the hardest problems in cybersecurity.Dasdak (Washington, D.C.) – Mobile commerce in large, populated venues.

Dream Agility (Manchester, UK) – A multi award winning, 2 patent pending, integration free, cloud based Adtech. One of only 35 Google Shopping Partners globally and a Google Premier Partner.

GridQuire Labs (Atlanta, GA) – Location intelligent mobile advertising plus sales enablement platform.
MARK Labs (Washington, D.C.) – Helps companies achieve their social impact and sustainability goals through payment and data management software.Mile Auto (Atlanta, GA) – Insurance provider which only charges you for the miles you drive. Low-mileage drivers enjoy quality coverage for 50-60% less.PayLow Rate (Detroit, MI) – Provides a marketplace that allows for direct-to-consumer financing that is fast, simple and secure – all in the comfort of home, for free.Pratter (Greensburg, PA) – America’s medical cost savings company helping millions save billions via medical cost transparency. Sold as an employee benefit.Pyur Solutions (Los Angeles, CA) – Cuts out the ubiquity of synthetics with non-toxic, biodegradable, plant-based pesticides, full of ingredients you can (New York City, NY) – The enterprise level chatbot building & management platform that makes B2C communication suck less.
re:3D (Austin, TX) – Is pushing the limits of 3D printing. Their flagship technology, the Gigabot®, is the world’s largest, affordable 3D printer.SiteWhere (Atlanta, GA) – An open-source platform for the Internet of Things. It provides a framework for rapid development of complex IoT applications.Skignz (Stockton-on-Tees, UK) – A multi-award winning unique Augmented Reality (AR) platform placing visual content in location, accessed via a smartphone or tablet device.Starling Trust (Washington, D.C.)- Generates insights into firm culture from internal communications data to improve performance and to address hidden systemic riskTawkers (New York City, NY) – Create & manage real-time text conversations between influencers, with no production cost, reduced influencer effort & maximum engagement.

TopPick (Atlanta, GA) – Reduce up to 60% of waste created in the interviewing process by combining digital interviewing and messaging to accelerate your hiring process.Trust Stamp (Atlanta, GA) – Trust Stamp provides identity and trust as a service by empowering enterprises to authenticate and recognize their customers and transact business safely and more efficiently using cutting edge biometric solutions.Verady (Atlanta, GA) – Blockchain based critical data assurance.WAVLINKZ (Atlanta, GA) – Powers real-time music sharing and discovery.


In the 2016 cohort, which included 10 startups and 5 corporations, the commercialization program went beyond enterprise and startup matchmaking – catalyzing nine pilots and proof-of-concepts. During the program, participating startups collectively hired 32 new employees, experienced an average increase of 150% in month over month revenue, and raised $2.9M in VC funding.

We’re excited to see what the addition of two new corporate partners and doubling the number of participating startups will propel us to next. Stay tuned to find out about the first deal secured, corporate & startup relationship best practices, and the results from this incredible pool of innovative startups and corporations.