We are thrilled that Let’s Talk Payments is spreading the word on why Financial Technology startups across America should take part in our program. Check out the article:

The BridgeCommunity is based in Atlanta because it is a hotbed for FinTech startups and Fortune 500s:

  • Georgia FinTech companies generate annual revenues of more than $72 billion, placing 3rd in the nation.
  • Roughly 100 FinTech companies are headquartered or have a significant presence in Georgia. Six of the 10 largest US Payment processing firms are GA-based.
  • Georgia FinTech companies process over 118 billion transactions per year representing over $2 trillion of purchase volume each year, supporting nearly 4 million merchants

Atlanta is also home to the FinTech Atlanta Taskforce, an organization that works to recruit and retain companies, capital and talent in the FinTech industry. As a partner of the BridgeCommunity, the FinTech Taskforce will provide a depth of knowledge into the program by tapping into their networks, creating additional training opportunities and social events with guest speakers.